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Ben is the author of The 1 Player Dad Strategy Guide and 1PlayerDad.com. He's a single dad with shared care of an amazing daughter, and writes about his adventures playing the parenting game in '1 Player Mode' in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Shopping for Girls Clothes – A Memoir

No, not for me. (Well, not anymore...) When I entered 1 Player Dad mode, along with the division of property that comes with the end of a relationship also came the division of my daughter’s things, including her clothes. Prior to 1 Player Dad mode, I largely left the selection of Esme’s clothes to her [...]

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The 1 Player Dad Strategy Guide

If you've just become a single dad, you’re possibly about to go through one of the biggest challenges of your life. The 1 Player Dad Strategy Guide was created to help you through the initial stages of this journey. It's a practical strategy guide based on my own transition into parenting as a single dad, [...]

Domestic God Mode: How to Dominate your Household Like a Deity

Domestic Goddess: An informal, humorous term used to describe a woman with exceptional domestic skills, especially one who excels in preparing meals. God mode: A mode found in many video games, usually requiring a cheat code or fulfilling certain requirements within the game. During this mode the player can access powers of a 'god' within [...]

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The 1 Player Chef – How I increased my recipe repetoire to OVER 9000

  A few months ago, I met a friend after work for drinks and she brought me over to a table where she and her girlfriends were sitting. We did a quick round of introductions and they resumed their conversation about baking blogs and their favourite recipes of the moment. When the conversation swung round [...]

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5 things I wish I knew before entering 1 Player Dad mode

Ah, the hindsight. Always 20/20. If only I had known the princess was in another castle, I would have skipped past those pipes and fake castles and hightailed it straight to level 8-4. Becoming a single dad was definitely a ‘learn as you go’ experience for me, having no previous experience to draw upon or [...]

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