Recipe: Super Monkey Meatballs

This is the first recipe I created after entering 1 Player Dad mode, and like all firsts it has a special place in my heart (and stomach). Prior to this, I was bumbling along culinarily with my 1-year-old daughter who had just graduated from mushy meals and tinned toddler food to eating the same meals [...]

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Domestic God Mode: How to Dominate your Household Like a Deity

Domestic Goddess: An informal, humorous term used to describe a woman with exceptional domestic skills, especially one who excels in preparing meals. God mode: A mode found in many video games, usually requiring a cheat code or fulfilling certain requirements within the game. During this mode the player can access powers of a 'god' within [...]

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The 1 Player Chef – How I increased my recipe repetoire to OVER 9000

  A few months ago, I met a friend after work for drinks and she brought me over to a table where she and her girlfriends were sitting. We did a quick round of introductions and they resumed their conversation about baking blogs and their favourite recipes of the moment. When the conversation swung round [...]

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