5 WEAPONS TO CONQUER YOUR HELLSPAWN (or, 5 helpful items that will make life easier with your little one)

The epic battle that has raged between parent and child is one that has claimed the souls and sanity of countless parents over the millennia. In recent years, technology has aided us in our quest to even these seemingly insurmountable odds, but our adversary is one that continuously learns to adapt and overcome our futile [...]

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Five Ways to Wellbeing: Keeping your head in the game in 1 Player Dad mode.

When you’re grinding it out in 1 Player mode, your mind can be your worst enemy. In my first year as a single dad, I was dealing with the fallout from the end of my relationship, working full-time and parenting on my own four nights a week (while learning how to do this on-the-job), travelling [...]

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Shopping for Girls Clothes – A Memoir

No, not for me. (Well, not anymore...) When I entered 1 Player Dad mode, along with the division of property that comes with the end of a relationship also came the division of my daughter’s things, including her clothes. Prior to 1 Player Dad mode, I largely left the selection of Esme’s clothes to her [...]

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The 1 Player Dad Strategy Guide

If you've just become a single dad, you’re possibly about to go through one of the biggest challenges of your life. The 1 Player Dad Strategy Guide was created to help you through the initial stages of this journey. It's a practical strategy guide based on my own transition into parenting as a single dad, [...]

Domestic God Mode: How to Dominate your Household Like a Deity

Domestic Goddess: An informal, humorous term used to describe a woman with exceptional domestic skills, especially one who excels in preparing meals. God mode: A mode found in many video games, usually requiring a cheat code or fulfilling certain requirements within the game. During this mode the player can access powers of a 'god' within [...]

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