#DoTheDadDance! Dusting off the Dance Shoes for Charity

The crew over at The Dad Network are doing an online campaign to get Dads around the world to get their groove on and help raise money for UNICEF UK to help underprivileged children. As a semi-retired rapdancefighter (also known as a bboy/breaker/breakdancer), I thought it was a great excuse to dust off the old dancing [...]

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Are All Guys Potential Pedophiles? Perception and Reality in Male-Child Interactions.

Are all men doomed to wear the Pedobear costume of shame?!? A few months ago, I took my daughter to Junglerama (one of those indoor kids playland places), which is one my favourite things to do with her as it's a great excuse for me to play with her on the giant jungle gym [...]

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5 WEAPONS TO CONQUER YOUR HELLSPAWN (or, 5 helpful items that will make life easier with your little one)

The epic battle that has raged between parent and child is one that has claimed the souls and sanity of countless parents over the millennia. In recent years, technology has aided us in our quest to even these seemingly insurmountable odds, but our adversary is one that continuously learns to adapt and overcome our futile [...]

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Shopping for Girls Clothes – A Memoir

No, not for me. (Well, not anymore...) When I entered 1 Player Dad mode, along with the division of property that comes with the end of a relationship also came the division of my daughter’s things, including her clothes. Prior to 1 Player Dad mode, I largely left the selection of Esme’s clothes to her [...]

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5 things I wish I knew before entering 1 Player Dad mode

Ah, the hindsight. Always 20/20. If only I had known the princess was in another castle, I would have skipped past those pipes and fake castles and hightailed it straight to level 8-4. Becoming a single dad was definitely a ‘learn as you go’ experience for me, having no previous experience to draw upon or [...]

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