If you’ve just become a single dad, you’re possibly about to go through one of the biggest challenges of your life. The 1 Player Dad Strategy Guide was created to help you through the initial stages of this journey. It’s a practical strategy guide based on my own transition into parenting as a single dad, or in ‘1 Player Mode’, which began at the start of 2013.

When my relationship with my daughter’s mother ended, I needed to move back to Wellington, New Zealand, from Auckland (where we were living at the time), to be with my daughter. I had a daunting task in front of me – I had to find a new place to live, negotiate a job transfer to work remotely from the rest of my team, and physically relocate my life from Auckland to Wellington; all in the space of a month.

After grinding my way through that intense transition period, I slowly began learning how to parent on my own until I eventually came to a place where I felt I was beginning to work out how to manage this new role of being a single dad while working full-time and trying to chart a new course in life.

From there, I wanted to create something to help other guys going through a similar journey, to help them avoid some of the mistakes I made so they can get themselves into a place where they can survive, manage and eventually thrive in their new role as a single dad. That ‘something’ is 1PlayerDad.com, and The 1 Player Dad Strategy Guide.

In the guide you’ll find:

  • My journey to becoming a single dad, from a video game perspective of playing the two-player game parenting game in ‘1 Player mode’
  • Practical, actionable steps for sorting out your life following the end of your relationship, from confirming parenting arrangements, finding a new place to live, negotiating work flexibility and establishing new life routines
  • Easy reference action checklists for each section and at the end of the ebook
  • Advice for transitioning into ‘1 Player mode’ based on my experience and the experience of other single dads. Avoid the dumb mistakes I made, and do the things that worked sooner!

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