For a single dad blog with a video game theme (the ‘1 Player’ in 1 Player Dad refers to the 1 player/single player mode of video games, in case you missed it), some of you are probably wondering where the video games are…well, wonder no more, as here is the first 1 Player Dad game review!

My friend Erica (of The Scoop List) has connections with the crew at Moppadop who have just released their first app, a game for 3-5 year olds, and put them in touch with me since I have a 3-year-old who enjoys the odd swiperoo on mobile devices. She also loves ice cream (and will eat it in any weather!) so this app was perfect for her! Moppadop hooked me up with a free download of their app to test drive with my little monkeyball, so I downloaded the app and we gave it a whirl.


Moppa Ice Cream is a game set in Moppa Land where the aim is to help Yetti Bombetti, who has crashed his monster ice cream truck in Moppa Park, feed a horde of hungry monsters by helping him make crazy ice cream creations.

First, you choose your ice cream container which ranges from ice cream cones and sundae dishes to tree stumps, Viking helmets and turtle shells. Next, you choose your ice cream colour and number of scoops. Once your ice cream tower is set, you’re given a variety of delicious and disgusting sprinkles and toppings to finish it off your masterpiece before feeding it to the monster in the background. (Easter egg trick I randomly discovered – you can feed toppings directly to the monster instead of putting them on your ice cream by dragging the toppings into the monster’s mouth!) After you’ve fed to your monster pal, you can save a photo of your ice cream creation to your phone’s photo gallery to marvel at a later date.


The main menu screen also has a storytime book option where you can read your child a story about how Moppadop the Lion and his friend Moth the Sloth help Mr Yetti Bombetti after he crashes his monster ice cream truck in Moppa Park.

There’s also a ‘parents’ button at the top right of the  app which has information about the app and instructions for those of us who aren’t as intuitive as our kids when it comes to these newfangled games.


The graphics are bright, cheerful and fun. A funky pastel palette, with cool character design which is simple but engaging.

maxresdefault (1)


The game has a fun old-timey soundtrack that suits the quirky nature of the app. There are great sound effects, with splats of ice cream dropping onto the container, squeals of delight from the monsters as you build your dessert and slurps and burps, funny sounds accompanying the sprinkle cannons and as you squelch your toppings onto the ice cream. There’s also different voices for the different monsters waiting in line for ice cream, which is a nice touch.


In our first walkthrough of Moppa Ice Cream, my daughter started out making a modest ice cream with one scoop and a random assortment of toppings, as you can see below:


The controls were easy enough for her to work out, and after a few goes she was away laughing, building bigger and crazier ice cream concoctions. As she made them i’d ask her if she was going to put on yummy stuff (lollies, fruit, etc.) or yucky stuff (spiders, bats, teeth and eyeballs), and she’d alternate depending on what she felt like doing.

4 in a row

After she had made about five ice creams, I had a go and made a few masterpieces of my own…


The monster you feed your ice cream to and the types of ice cream containers you can choose from changes each time you play the game which adds to the replay value (in my eyes anyway – I forgot to ask my daughter about her thoughts on the app’s replay value, she just kept wanting to play the game!)


Moppa Ice Cream is a fun little app with funky, engaging graphics, great sound effects and simple controls which kids can easily grasp – and who doesn’t like ice cream? The combination of ice creams you can come up with is endless, and it’s a great way for kids to start exploring their creativity and imagination.

Moppa Ice Cream – $1.99USD from the App Store or Google Play.